Is Colored Mulch Safe?

Laboratory Tests Show Colored Mulch is Safe

Colored Mulch produced with Heartland® Enriched Colorants is safe for use around the home. Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that Colored Mulch presents no more concern for children or pets than regular mulches. While some parts of the world still use lead or cadmium-based pigments found in paints and coatings, we understand the risks involved with heavy metals and VOCs, and do not add heavy metals. To make our colorants, we use materials also used in products like lipsticks, cosmetics and food containers.

Amerimulch® submitted our Heartland Ultra Colorants to an independent, accredited laboratory for testing. The colorants were studied for acute exposure through ingestion, inhalation, dermal contact, and eye contact. The results were that our colorants qualify for classification in Category IV, the lowest concern category that the test recognizes.

Colored Mulch is Also Environmentally Friendly

Colored Mulch made with Heartland Enriched Colorants is safe for shrubs, plants, pets and children. Our commitment to the environment means we formulate our colorants to be not only effective, but safe.

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