Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time of year should I buy mulch?

Color Enriched® Mulch lasts for a whole year, but you probably want to start your applications in the spring, when you'll be cleaning up your flower beds and lawn. Spring is the preferred time, so that you can enjoy the beauty all spring and summer. Heartland® Enriched Colorant allows you to do that.

Q: How much mulch does it take to fill my flower beds?

(For fast results, please see our Calculator Page.) Mulch should generally be spread at a depth of 3 inches. Multiply LENGTH by WIDTH by 0.25 (if making 3 inches deep). Then, divide that by 0.27. This will tell you how many cubic yards of mulch you need, which is the measurement standard for mulch.

Q: Is colored mulch safe for my children and pets?

Yes. It is safe. Please see our Safety Info page for further details.

Q: What are all the colors that mulch comes in?

The most popular colors are presented on our Pick Your Color page. From time to time we will update this page with new colors being introduced. Contact one of the listed outlets to see if they carry the color you desire.

Q: Who invented colored mulch?

Amerimulch®, owner of the Heartland Enriched Colorants brand, invented colored mulch and patented the first colored mulch production machine in the early 1990’s. Since that time, the company has introduced a long list of new equipment and products that has solidified our position as the innovative leader in our industry.

Q: Who runs this site?

This website is published by Amerimulch, a member of the ChromaScape family of brands. To read more about Heartland and Amerimulch, please see our About Us page.

Q: What happens if my dog eats colored mulch?

Colored mulch is safe. But you should have the same concerns that you might have if your dog ate conventional bark mulch. Please see the Safety Info page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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